Christie Cereshko (Denk)<br/>Owner & Creative Director

Advertising, branding, marketing – all of your business materials have to consistently tell your audience why they should choose you. And great visual marketing tools will get that message across. As a full-service design firm, CMD Graphics works with clients in many different businesses and organizations. What do they have in common?

They all require effective marketing that delivers their message consistently across the board.

CMD Graphics’ designs can be described as innovative and modern, while maintaining clean and simplistic looks. Our design capabilities deliver a fresh approach to a creative project for any industry.

CMD Graphics was started in 2007 by Christie Cereshko (Denk), Owner & Creative Director. Christie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Cleveland State University earning a Professional Certificate in Graphic Design and served as the President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Cleveland Chapter while attending college.

While working for several creative companies, Christie gradually branched out on her own subcontracting to multiple businesses and organizations in the Cleveland area and beyond. Over the years, the business has built incredible partnerships with our clients. There is a chemistry and understanding that develops in the process of working together, and our network continues to grow.

We have assembled a team of talented individuals who are dedicated to meeting every need to complete your project.

Our clients agree that our work is consistent, creative, affordable and completed promptly to exceed expectations.